facade projections | architectural projection mapping

Advertising that is visible from the airplane.

facade projections | architectural projection mapping


Facade projection is something like the supreme discipline in projection mapping: larger and more impressive than ever. No matter if house facade, church wall or parliament building, any surface can be transformed into fireworks of visual effects. The size of the projection screen can be scaled as required, if necessary several projectors can be used at the same time.


Facade projections always work particularly well if existing structures such as beams or window openings are used in the visuals. Ideally, the viewer will then no longer be able to distinguish between real and virtual, resulting in surreal moments.


The application possibilities are numerous: because of their size alone, facades are perfect for serving as a huge advertising space and promoting a product in an original way. For festivals or larger corporate events, we create the ultimate eye-catcher with an appealing facade projection, which can be seen in every corner of the site.