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Technology is constantly evolving – and we are evolving with it.

interactive installations

Interaction and sensor technology is a major topic at Nonconform. We are currently working on making a part of our project portfolio interactive – the viewer can actively influence the projections and help shape the virtual world in front of him.

Imagine a table where guests can compose and order their own menu – with a simple hand movement. Imagine they run through a corridor and the walls move with you. With special sensors and a few lines of program code, all this is possible.


Projection mapping is usually based on a fixed object or wall as a projection screen, but here too there is a high-tech development: nano-coated, light-sensitive nets that are stretched in space and are barely visible to the naked eye. They create the illusion of a hologram floating freely in space.

games and apps


Our background in game design enables us to create tailor-made applications for you and your product/service. From mini-games, apps to virtual reality games, everything is possible.

Kinect + Hologram Test