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We map on everything!

Projection Mapping is not only suitable for outdoor use on house facades, but is also ideal for enhancing architectural moments indoors and giving them a new light. It does not necessarily have to be modern architecture: Especially in traditional buildings a unique synthesis of old and new can be created.


At the Atrium Hotel Blume in Baden, Switzerland. whose history dates back to the 15th century, we are currently showing an installation lasting several months. The artistic challenge of creating projections that are in harmony with the visible history of the building has been a success according to the audience.


If the desired projection surfaces are not yet available, they can of course also be built.

For Coca-Cola Switzerland, for example, we have installed a permanent installation in a showroom in Dietlikon with a three metre high replica of the coke bottle, which will now open the tours for visitors for the next few years. The exciting thing about it: With our projections, we suggest that the bottle is constantly turning around its own axis, even though it is actually standing still – the visitors do not believe their eyes.